Legend and information regarding colours and finishes

TR AB-transparent AB 1284 TR MT AB-transparent matte AB 29348

AB   Aroura Borealis These beads are sometimes referred to as AB or rainbow ,the finish creates an iridescent finish that reflect all the colors of the rainbow. It can be combined with transparent, matte, metallic or opaque beads.

1002 100810341026

OP  Opaque   beads are a solid color and do not allow light to pass through

transparent light redTR-transparent 2340  TR MT-transparent matte 2325 TR MT AB-transparent matte AB 29348

TR   Transparent   beads are clear and tinted, and you can see through them.  Light is visible through the beads. There are many combination for transparent beads; matte transparent, matte transparent AB

clear silver-lined 1280 purple s/l AB 1320

s/l   Silver Lined  beads have a shiny silver lining of a transparent bead. The bead may be clear, or any other transparent color. There is a mirrored effect coming from the center of the bead making them very shiny.